Minimal surface - single centre hole


Nice - reminds me of the Siggraph logo!

Aha, didn’t know they have a logo similar to this. It was a hard one to make in 3D using the 2D design with several attempts but finally I figured it out. Unfortunately couldn’t make it with GH, I used Rhino for most parts and some help with other apps tbh :slight_smile:

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did you use subd or model this in NURBS?

No SubD. Just plane NURBS modelling. However, I did have to go through many designs using other applications to figure out the final form of it.

i’d be curious to see how it would go with subd- the topo layout would be a bit of a challenge, but with a cool result if it goes.

I’d be interested to see the results too. I wonder how you can get those sharp edges at the two ends!
I just got Rhino 7 installed on my office computer so I’ll be practising Subd when I have a chance. I’ll post my results here for you to see and comment.
Below is a private thread I had with martynjhogg about this model if you are interested to see the development of this model

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sharpness (and all transitions for that matter) in subd simply comes from how close or far apart 3 edges are to each other.

check out the rule of 3 video-

Thanks for the video.
Yes, I have worked with subd in rhino 6 and am familiar with what you mentioned about sharp corners. It is a really great addition to Rhino. I just don’t have good experience making a model similar to the one i created above. I will definitely give it a try and see what i end up with.
Are you also going to try it? lmk

Although I had very little subd experience, I wanted to try it and this result turned out. There are some problematic spots on the edges and I didn’t know how to fix it. I’m sure Kyle will have some advice.

Hi hesro
I like your 1st try subd model. You sure are smarter than i am :slight_smile:
I noticed some issues and I would like to share them with you. Please see below


Hi Fred,
Thanks for your feedback. My answers about your comments are below.

-Actually i don’t know how to solve the problem around these edges :sweat_smile: There are no problems in flat mode.

-The transition between the surfaces in the middle is smooth. (first picture I shared, the bottom part was darker because of the reflect command.) But I haven’t found a way to smooth the outer edges (yet).

(As I said, I have no experience in subd. for this reason, I may have skipped some simple points. This is just a work that I have done to improve myself.)

I see what you mean. I am going to post a cross section of my model below, hopefully it will help you for your final model. I am going to also create a triple twist soon and post it here. They get easy once you understand how to build it. :slight_smile: Please take a look


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can you post your file?

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Here is the Triple Twist, Binary Twist and Single Twist


Please check your email. It’s late here and I need to sleep but I will answer you tomorrow again


was actually looking for the subd file @hesro was working on

Hi Kyle,
I’m at work right now, I’ll share the model when I get home.

I like the triple twist one!
It will be interesting to see the subD attempts and whether the subD mesh vertices could be parameterised in GH.
I think there might be a way to make the surface flow through the twist in the middle in the same way that it does on the double hole “yingyang” shape from the original thread.

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Hi Kyle,
This is the second time I ever worked with Subd and don’t have much experience with it. I should say that Subd is a great tool for Industrial designers (like myself) when designing new forms however, achieving what you already have design with Subd is tricky. Below is my Subd attempt. I tried to snapshot every detail I thought is important.

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