Yak Private Custom Package is slow


We have our own file server inside our company where we push our internal plugins. Everything seems to be working correctly.

But when we are searching plugins with package manager or trying to find plugin depencies to scripts, its seems to be very slow compared to global yak server.

I mean, global server has way more plugings compared to ours. Searching tools from our server with package manager takes almoust half a minute. Our file server is Microsoft Azure File Share which is mounted to user computer and response time to that file share normally is pretty fast. But with Rhino its seems to be pretty slow.

Is there something that speeds things with searching packages? Maybe I am missing something essential? Is there something I can do?

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Is there any possible solution for this?

Hi Jaakko -

Not at this point, no. We have this on the list as RH-67625 (not public) and attempts have been made to find out why this is slow but no solution was found so far. I’ve added this thread to the issue report.

On my end, it takes about 6 minutes…

Thank you for reply.

have you considered caching file share to local server? e.g. using Azure File Sync.

Hei, is there any update on that thread?