Package manager unable to see local Yak file


We have setup a folder that contains the Yak files on a cloud storage, however, i have a user that cannot see any files in the yak folder from package manager. Is anyone aware if there is a setting to enable to be able to view the files? Even if we copy the files locally they are not visible in package manager.

they are able to connect with the public Yak server

Thanks for any assistance

Hi @nbarnes,

What SR of Rhino 7 does your user have?

Have you added the full path to your package repository folder to Rhino.Options.PackageManager.Sources, per these instructions?

Have you confirmed the path to the cloud storage is valid for this user?

– Dale

They had a fresh install of rhino so i didn’t suspect the release but after updating to the latest version it works now. Thanks for responding!