Chimpanzee not possible to download


I’ve recently uploaded Chimpanzee 0.4.0 version and I pushed it also to the Yak. But unfortunately I yanked the plug-in by mistake. I tried to contact @will and he helped me to unyank the plug-in manually. But there are some issues which I’m not able to change. Currently it’s not possible to download the plug-in.
On Thursday 28th I contacted the food4rhino support team via email but I haven’t receive any response yet. Can anyone from food4rhino support team contact me? Thank you.

@fraguada, @cecile, could you please take a look at this? The install link works, but the package is only available for Rhino 6. I can help create a distribution for Rhino 7 if necessary.

This is before the failed editing

Hi Matous,

Sorry for the delay in answering. We are trying to understand what happened here and how to solve the issue.

What you show on the screenshot is the information in food4Rhino when the App is not linked to Yak. Once the file is pushed to Yak, what you see is retrieved from Yak. For the moment, it looks like your App is only tagged as Rhino 6, not Rhino 7 in Yak and that’s why the download fails.

What I suggest is that you Yank again your file from the food4Rhino App list and then ask @will to completely delete the version from Yak so that you can push it again with the correct data.

Instead of deleting it, you can push it with a new version number (e.g. 0.4.1).

I did what @cecile has suggested, I yanked the plugin from the food4Rhino App list. @will, can you please completly delete the file from Yak. I will push the 0.4.0 version again, so there are not any misleading information about the version number. Thank you so much.

After I pushed the 0.4.0 version again, the platform is incorrect “Rhino 6 Win, Rhino 6 Mac” it should be “Grasshopper 6 Win, Grasshopper 7 Win, Grasshopper 6 Mac, Grasshopper 7 Mac”… What did I do wrong @will, @cecile? :roll_eyes::see_no_evil:

There are 2 different issues here.
When food4Rhino reads a file from Yak it always tag it as Rhino because YAK does not make any difference between Rhino and Grasshopper applications, this is a known issue in food4Rhino and we are working on fixing it.

As for the version number, I could reproduce the error so I opened an issue and I’ll let you know when it’s fixed

Thank you @cecile I’m sorry, I’m maybe just little confused and impatient. I know Yak is a new feature and it’s still WIP. I just didn’t realized if I push the plug-in via food4Rhino it creates distribution only for Rhino 6 and if I yank the plug-in I can’t push it again.

No worry! The version number used to work fine and to create a distribution package for Rhino 6 and Rhino 7, so thank you for reporting the issue and testing it.

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