Y Module Shaped Hexagon Grid

Central Garden Structure.gh (47.3 KB)
Central Garden Structure.3dm (172.9 KB)

Hi All,

I’m in dire need of some help. I’m doing a uni project and have been trying for quite some time now to make this hexagon grid structure comprised of Y modules but can’t seem to get it right. The sketch is what I am trying to make. There’s so many ways of dividing a Brep into hexagons and I can’t figure out which one I need so I can separate it into individual Y shaped modules. I will need to thicken them afterwards using a catcull mark method as well but that might come easier than the modules.

Any help would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Hexa V0.gh (18.6 KB)
You may need to install plugins.
This is Vipers.
Release Vipers_7.04 · zohozer/Vipers · GitHub

This is incredible! Thank you very much it’s just what I was trying to get to. So many plugins that i’m missing for this that i’m downloading.

I appreciate it!