Arraying a hexagonal component along a hexagonal grid

I’ve made a component in grasshopper that has lots of lines in it (I think that may be the issue but I don’t how I could change things) and as I try to apply the hexagonal grid vertices as the plane for the hexagon component, the component doesn’t array across the whole grid. I’m new to grasshopper so hopefully I’m just missing something that’s simple but any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers! hexagonal (23.4 KB)

You’re code is very inefficient but I’m pretty sure I started out like that as well (copying things and tweaking them). You need to dig more into lists and trees to make this work. This small section which I made replaces all of your components on the right.

hexagonal array (35.0 KB)

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Ah that’s perfect. Yeah the lists and graft trees seem pretty confusing at
the moment. Appreciate your help and I’ll look into how you fixed it.
Thanks again!