Honeycomb pavilion

Hi everyone,

Im new to grasshopper and lately im trying to learn grasshopper. Im currently working on an easy pavilion design based out of hexagon profiles which are all perpendicular to the XY plane (honeycomb). These are all stacked on top of each other.

If somehow managed to do the principle in grasshopper with rectangular boxes but I want it to do with hexagon pattern. Somebody knows where it goes wrong?

Yours sincerly

DavidRoof design 1.gh (10.9 KB)

Nothing gone wrong. You just didn’t try with HexGridinstead of SqGrid. Almost the same except Bounding Boxcomponent.

Roof design 1_re.gh (11.8 KB)

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Thanks for your help. I finally completed the script where i added voids into the hexagon tiles. These voids grows in size when the elements is positioned on a higher elevation (see script).

However, when Im opening this script it takes ages to load and takes too long when I edit the input. Do you know how i can fix this so the script is better workable when editing?

Roof met gaten.gh (22.6 KB)