Hexagon subdivisions to create spaceframes using Lunchbox

I am trying to subdivide hexagons in order to generate spaceframe on them using lunchbox plugin. These are examples of structures that I’m trying to make.

However, the hexagon gets generated on a rectangular surface. Please advise.




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Wow! Thanks a lot !. Every time I post on this forum, there’s a new component of Grasshopper I come to know of.

How do I adjust the number of hexagons so that they get aligned to the larger hexagon? Hence, there will be no split up partial hexagons.

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This is geometrically impossible. At best some of the hexagons will be split 50%.

I think something like this.
Hex_V2.gh (8.4 KB)

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Okay, that’s only if the larger outer hexagon has equal length of each side. If the shape and size of the outer hexagon is governed by the number of hexagons arranged on each side, then the solution can be obtained as seen in two pages of various types of hexagonal configurations in the diagrams I shared in two pages. Any way to do that in Grasshopper?

In the second image (named screenshot 230 of my original post, in the bottom left example, they have arranged 7 hexagons on straight edges and 5 hexagons on inclined edges.

Yes, but they have eliminated the trimmed halves of the hexagons. This is possible, no worries. Just cull the faces with an area smaller than a regular hexagon and you are done. How to spread the hexagons? Play with the U and V values of the Lunchbox tool till you get a result you like.

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Okay. I’ll try and get back.