Xnurbs and Rhino 7 beta


While the xNurbs plugin used to work with version 7 WIP until a couple of weeks ago, it stopped working at some time on my computer and continues to not launch in version 7 beta.
The problem seems to be related to the license:

Screenshot 2020-10-06 130528 Screenshot 2020-10-06 125328

Trying to activate the license via the xNurbs license manager doesn’t work and gives the same “error code 6: license has been revoked” message.
The plugin continues to work in version 5 and 6 without problems.
Any ideas how to resolve this problem?

Cheers, Norbert

I had an issue with the XNurbs license manager several weeks ago. While we never figured out what caused it, XNurbs gave me a renewed license and everything has been working as expected since than. I reached out directly to them support@xnurbs.com and they were very helpful to get me up and going again.

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Hi Mark.
Yeah, I guess that is the best way.
I was just wondering if maybe something recent had broken xNurbs in version 7 and therefore it wasn’t supposed to work.
Thanks, Norbert

No, I don’t think that’s it. My XNurbs installation is working just fine in V7

Just to let know anybody who happens to have the same problem:
I just found out that for whatever reason Rhino 7 had taken over an outdated version of the xNurbs plugin (vers. 3.0.3. iirc)
This was the version that used the old licensing system and therefore had another License key.
Disabling this old version and installing xNurbs 4.0 fully resolved my problem.

I tried today using a Trial version (normal download) of XNurbs to test it out on a freshly installed Rhino 7 Beta (the latest one 7.0.20309.6003) x64 bit and it seems to not be able to retrieve a Trial license.

On my laptop v6.27 of Rhino and XNurbs 4.0.0 Trial seem to have no problems with it and works fine.
I wrote an e-mail to the support@xnurbs. I really want to try it on the upcoming Rhino v7.

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is Xnurbs working with the latest RH7 version?
Just asking before buying, since on their website they only mention RH5 & 6 to be supported.

Working fine. No problems here.

Good to hear, thanks!