Error loading - XNurbsRhino7.rhp

good afternoon.
Xnurbs plugin worked fine on Rhino 7 and on Rhino 8 (a trial period, 11 days left)
But when I installed Rhino 5, the plugin stopped working
I deleted Rhino 5.
I also deleted and reinstalled Rhino 7 and Rhino 8, but the plugin is not installed

Gives a message

Error loading - XNurbsRhino7.rhp

Unable to load XNurbsRhino7.rhp plug-in: application initialization failed

Hi 2847, I had problems installing xnurbs. Mine was because of anti- virus software was not allowing it to be installed. You can always contact xnurbs support, they could help.—-Mark

When I install Xnurbs automatically, the installation shows that everything was established
But when you open Rhino, the plugin is not installed (Error loading)
Disable antivirus did not solve the problem