Xirus for Rhino: Subdivision, NURBS, polygons & augmented CAD

Dear Rhino users,

Xirus is a new geometric modeling kernel that provides ‘augmented CAD’. It combines the advantages of subdivision, NURBS, and polygons and adds augmented access to the digital object. We offer a powerful technology that allows the user to create complex CAD models in a very intuitive way including direct and decoupled control of tangents, curvature, and higher order derivatives, watertight junctions with immediate smoothness control and much more.

The free Rhino-compatible WIP will be available for download on 20. November. Have a look at our website www.mirrakoi.com. In the tutorials-section you can find demo videos as well as on our youtube channel. More examples will follow soon.

We are a high-technology startup company called ‘Mirrakoi’ from the Swiss Federal institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any feedback. It is the users’ feedback that will shape the WIP towards the final product that will be shipped mid 2018.

Looking forward to hearing from you !



If you bring the shown features into the rhino world you will get a lot of fans, but please make sure not to sell it to autodesk in 2019.


I’m looking forward to try this on real objects.

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Looks extremely interesting. Can’t wait to try it.

Any information about performance?
The sub-D meshes that can be seen in some moments in your videos seem quite dense.
Given how for instance T-splines starts to bog down with only slightly complex surfaces…
Guess we will see when the WIP is out.

Cheers, Norbert

Another question: can we expect the price of Xirus to be in the same range as other sub-d plug-ins (e.g. clayoo, now extinct T-splines)?


Rhino for Mac plugin? TIA

Interesting indeed! Teaser sets a high bar.

Been hoping for this one:
Exact conic sections, spherers, circles, torus, ellipsoids, arcs”

Welcome to the Rhino users family Daniel,

Excuse the feral cats. They have been abandoned by many plugin developers before. Many of them think that if they give you U$400, they will own your company’s future for life. They don’t understand that if only 2000 people buy your plugin, that feeds a team for a year or less.

I think if your plugin develops well and you are successful selling licenses or selling the company it’s all great! We all wish you the best and that you become as successful with your products and services as we are with ours doing whatever it is that we do for a living.

My advice for now is that you find some local/junior designer (industrial design trained) with with good modeling skills and an eye for form to help you make your demos with more relevant work examples. Your current videos only show how you can ‘destroy’ simple forms. Topologically for a math geek that’s exciting, but your target users do not even know what the word topologically means. All they will see is that your software can turn on giant control points and vandalize geometry.

That being said, I also recommend you focus your efforts in workflow, not just topology, if you want to make a successful product, instead of a tech demo.

I’m looking forward to see where this goes.



PS: Pssst! Nerds!!! behave the fuck up! This in the only company doing modeling stuff that’s talking to us these days. Don’t go all communist on them yet. Keep your Autodesk’s hate in your pants ffs!


Hi Norbert,

The performance of Xirus is instant. No issues are observed. Drawing complex shapes with dense meshes is perfectly doable.

-Pablo (Head R&D @Mirrakoi)


What´s wrong on talking about reality. You can do all important things in your life from so many different points of view- and no one is right or wrong. We don´t know anything about the past. To do something with a hidden agenda is as old as we are.

Conclusion: don´t expect anything from anyone. Just observe. For example: VSR bought by Autodesk! VSR sold to AD?

  1. Autodesk has the money to buy or sell what it want to stay in the market as a big player?
  2. Some pissed of ICEM guys developed something with the goal to get as much money as possible because of 1. and never to support the rhino market.
  3. VSR really sold so less licences that there was no other way to make sure that 2. becomes in front of 1.
  4. Dassault kicked of the most untalented employes and hoped to kill Autodesk with this idea.

Who knows.

My problem of the first post are words like:
-new geometric modeling

  • augmented CAD’
  • combines
  • advantages
  • subdivision
  • polygons
  • augmented access

    One delivers all !!! Yeah!!! Of course!!! We will see how much becomes true! Until now there was no disadvantage and that´s exactly how principle of nature works.

From my perspective- the new trend of STARTUP and KICKSTARTER bullshit is: let other people do the work, outsource development, don´t hire people, getting ideas for free, no responsibility for anything and anyone. AND LAST POINT: SELL IT TO ONE OF THE MARKET LEADERS IF most of that “FOLLOWING” and “LIKE IT” freaks will start buying your product.
But there is one question not mentioned on top and it´exactly the only one: (will create a new topic in 2 hours)


Cool, here we basically have a heir to t-splines.
Interesting that you use the gumball manipulator.

Question 1: T-splines is able to convert quad-mesh to t-spline surfaces, and then to nurbs.
Is this plugin able to do the same?

Question 2: what’s the price range you expect to be in?


Hi norbert_geelen,

The price will be affordable, in the range of what people can expect. Mirrakoi’s goal is to make Xirus accessible to the broad range of Rhino users working in different industries. We want to offer a powerful ‘3D CAD upgrade’ at a reasonable price.

-Zsuzsanna (Head of marketing & distribution @Mirrakoi)


hahaha… yes… what a disappointment Tsplines was because of all that… Come on guys! yes we want this!


That’s quite the laundry list. Perhaps you could shorten the list to fill the gaps where Rhino functionality is less than ideal? Concentrating on a few well executed features over time will continue to fund your company and will give your customer base something to look forward to. Pushing points around is fine but interfacing that with defined measurement is another.

Usability will go a long way to selling the product, it’s something that the core Rhino product is lacking at this point but you can take advantage of that weakness.

This is where the gold is…

It’s on the roadmap.
(However, it depends on the development and accessibility of the Rhino-for-Mac SDK.)


Will you provide a C#.NET. API for this tool so it could be used alongside RhinoCommon?

// Rolf

This is great news! With the impending demise of T-Splines for Rhino when users upgrade to 6.0, we are left with a huge gaping hole when it comes creating organic smooth geometry. Rhino Subdivision in Rhino 6.0 or Clayoo appears to be the only viable alternatives so far to fill this void. I hope that Xirus can also fill this vital space. I look forward to trying your WIP version when it comes out in Nov 2017.

Very exciting.
This looks like a good replacement for T-Splines. I was pretty upset when it was scarfed up by Autodesk.
Looking forward to trying the WIP, especially the quality of the mesh and NURBS output.