Xirus WIP for Rhino

(Bob McNeel) #1

Mirrakoi has released a free test version of Xirus, a brand-new geometric modeling kernel that provides ‘augmented CAD’ (a powerful modeling technology that combines the best of the worlds of NURBS, subdivision, and polygon meshes and adds augmented access to the 3D digital object).

Xirus provides decoupled control of tangents, curvature, mixed- and higher order derivatives and enables direct smoothness control in 3D modeling.

Download Xirus for Rhino at https://mirrakoi.com/ as a free WIP (work in progress package).

Video documentation and the full list of the 70 commands currently available are at https://mirrakoi.com/xirus-commands/.

The direct download link is https://mirrakoi.com/xirus-for-rhino/ and a forum for the Xirus users has been set up at https://discourse.mirrakoi.com/ to provide feedback and direct contact with the Xirus developers and user support.

Posted Jan 24, 2018 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.