"Xirus" for Rhinoceros

An intelligent and innovative plug-in to associate with Rhino.
What should be designed inside by developers, is created by an external company. Okay, McNeel is developing its SubDs, but when will they be fully implemented? between 5-6 years? Too much time…

Very interesting project, which helps Rhino keep in line with more comprehensive and far more expensive software, otherwise lacking in this regard.
Modeling software should focus on these aspects: rendering let us do to others!

Might want to add a reference: http://mirrakoi.com/

It looks really cool, although I’m not quite sure I understand the whole “augmented” thing. Like, what does that explicitly mean?

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Sorry, the plug-in reference is in another post, another user …

Would be nice to see some realistic modeling examples instead of some fantasy shapes. So lets hope it´s really working in the way we expect.

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The current examples are done with abstract shapes because the people at Mirrakoi are mathematicians and engineers (and not designers). However, we are testing the Xirus kernel with large companies in the AECM industry and we have carried out very promising proof-of-concept studies going all the way from digital design to manufacturing the objects that have been designed with Xirus.



Until we can test your WIP version we just can wait- i know. I love what i do and what i´m able to do and i tell you that i don´t understand how all that stuff comes to life and that´s the reason why i (and maybe many other users out there) need mathematicians and engineers like you.
If you show the functions in a more realistic and complex setting it´s more reproducible for many users. You may know that the rhino community lost some very usefull plugins in the past and we all are thirsty for some news and replacements.

Hi Daniel,

I would like to make a usability suggestion…

In your “Stairs with tunnel” video, before you add the tunnel, you stretch one of the two side bits.

Go to the 4 second mark in the video. The part that is highlighted yellow is one of the parts I mean. There is an equivalent part on the other side of the stairs - it has the same shape.

There are a lot of steps that need to be done to do the stretching. Don’t get me wrong; I still like what I see but it could be done with less work for the user.

I would prefer if I could highlight the two end rectangles of those shapes and just drag them along the axis. I can’t see the axis markers but I guess its the x axis.

If you go to the 30 second mark you can see the two rectangles facing the viewer.

Anyway, what I would like to do would be to:

  • select the two rectangles
  • gumball drag
  • have the software make sure that everything stays connected and smooth
  • pick the red or green curved top surface(s)

this way I can get the effect I want but with significantly less effort.

I’m not great at Rhino, I just play with and so I don’t know all the shortcuts but there are times when 3D software seems to require a lot more work than I would expect and it would be nice if some of that drudge work could be cut down.

Don’t get me wrong: I like what I see. I just think that it could be even better. :slight_smile:

What exactly makes it “intelligent and innovative”?

I meant something different … in any case, something that is not currently in Rhino.