X-ref like in ACAD

Can you have X-ref so that you are not creating really large files?

What about linked blocks?

Rhino has Blocks that can be Embedded, Linked and embedded, or just Linked.
Another command is Worksessions.
None of these are exactly the same as AutoCAD’s Xref tool.

Thank you

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thanks gentlemen,
I found the solution as you indicated

Hi John,

If I could make a suggestion for a wish that I feel many people would benefit from, (aside from a competent block manager which is my #1) it would be an attachment manager. It could be a dockable panel.

I find that some of the ways in which Rhino does certain things can be a little ‘fuzzy’ at times. In addition to blocks, the attachment system could use a manager to provide a more strategic way of handling attachments of various filetypes- worksessions are just that bit too basic. An example of how this could be done can be seen here: https://youtu.be/Z84_n5yFAlQ?t=504

For me just to have the following would suffice:

  • A dedicated attachment manager panel to see attachments at a glance, change or update file locations.
  • Ability to change layer visibilities, colours and print properties in the file they are being inserted into, so they can be used for documentation. And for these changes to be saved with the file.
  • Able to be clipped in 3D.

That’s pretty much it - I realise you guys have a lot on your plates at the moment, but sometimes it seems like the development of things like gradient hatches and layer books are an unnecessary luxury when there are important aspects which are in serious need of improvement.