Question about using Blocks and Worksession with a way to export

Is there an easier way to combine multiple linked files together other than embedding it into one single file one by one?

In the way that AUTOCAD is able to publish a file through eTransmit and allow multiple xrefs to be embedded together, is Rhino also able to do this with linked references?

Here is an example;

We have 3 core files that are linked to the master file.
Within those 3 files there are also linked component files (Base, Screen, Windows etc)
When I tried to create an embedded file with no external links so it could be sent off to the CGI company I realised that I had to insert each of the core files so that they were embedded instead of linked to the Master file and then go through BlockManager and change the links so that they were also embedded instead of linked.

Is there an easier way of doing this that does not involve having to manually change all the Blocks so that they were embedded in the Master file when i want to send it off to someone else?


Hi Lisa - the ‘Embed and link’ setting when inserting the blocks should help- have you tried that?