Does Rhino 6 have an XREF tool?

Does Rhino 6 have any tool similar to an XREF (‘external reference’) provided in AutoCAD?

GOAL: To map in a master working file on a separate layer that can be regenerated or refreshed to reflect master file updates that another user saved. The master file would essentially be mapped in as a full scale image with the ability to be locked and drawn over.

I do not want to bring model/drawing data in to my file as an import reference or create blocks. There are a few message boards from 5+ years ago that ask my same question, but since I’ve recently started using the program on the daily again I figured it’s worth asking. XREF was also found on Rhino wish lists as well.

Reference Link about XREF:

Current OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
License: Rhino 6 Commercial

Thank you for any constructive insight!

Worksession command manages the external reference files. These files do not have clear name. Rhino documentation calls them external files, attached files, and reference geometry. The Worksession command and related commands are described here:

(By the way, I am former AutoCAD and XREF files user.)

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