Referenced & Linked block improvements


I have a suggestion for linked blocks, similar to what overlay (as opposed to attach) does in Autocad. It happens to us fairly often, that we would like to have certain geometry linked to the base file purely as a drawing reference, however, we don’t want this referenced geometry to remain in the file if the base file is linked further.

I know worksession works in some instances for what I am describing, but it has other limitations (fixed origin, no activer layers…).

I think it should be a simple thing to implement - perhaps checkbox overlay in the block menu - and could save us quite some trouble.

This simple thing would also make worksessions redundant in my opinion as linked blocks seem to be the preferred way to reference geometry anyway.


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Hi -

It sounds like that is solved by unchecking the Read linked blocks from the file setting when inserting the base file in a more top-level file?