Wrong file formats from animate function since (at least) 2013

Hey !

This is a windows ONLY bug. @diff-arch tested everything on Mac, and it works perfectly.

The rhino “animate function” is supposed to be able to export : bmp, jpg, png, tga.
So does the Grasshopper animation function. Except, you got it, it doesn’t :man_dancing:

When you export images from the animate function in Grasshopper (windows), even the DEFAULT “.bmp” format for the frame isn’t supported by many softwares.
When changed to “.png”, any software can open it.

This is a know and very old bug, so are my hopes vain in asking for a fix? :slight_smile:
On mac, again, all of this works properly.

@diff-arch and I are about to release a small plugin that allows user to make plenty of conversions between different file formats (gif/images/videos). But the FFmpeg framework (that we use) doesn’t recognise the bmp and jpg formats created by the animate function inside on Grasshopper windows.

An update on this would be appreciated !
@DavidRutten @wim ?


edit: If I save manually all my images from Rhino (ViewCaptureToFile), any formats are totally ok to be opened in any software. So the problem really lies in the animate function.

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I suspect on Windows it always saves the default file format (seems to be PNG), and the extension somehow gets ignored by the exporter.

looking, yeah seems to be the case.

I’ll put a fix in the GH1/Rhino7 release. Issue: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-61244

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Fixed in the 7.x branch of our code, meaning it won’t be part of the 7.0 release, as only critical bugs and severe regressions are supposed to go into that one. Supported extensions are now bmp, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, tif and tiff.


Oh good news !

Thank you very much for such a quick response + fix !