RecordAnimation bug

I’m recording a turntable animation to compile frames in image processing software using RecordAnimation in V7. The resulting .jpg files won’t open in many software so I decided to open the jpg in Notepad and it appears the file is actually a png. Rhino appears to be writing the jpg files as png. I had to go through and change all the file extensions to png manually. Uploading one of the files below, Discourse seems to know it’s a png and changes to file format on its own.



Hi Ryan - thanks, I’ll check this.

Got it, thanks.

RH-66358 RecordAnimation: jpegs are png


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Ryan, there’s an app for that: ReNamer - Download

It’s very powerful and easy to use. We use it all the time for production work.


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@gustojunk THANK YOU. I’ll check this out.

This bug is mine as I rewrote the RecordAnimation command.

RH-66358 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 13

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