Animate Slider Frames won't open in Photoshop

After exporting a slider animation the output files can not be read by Photoshop.
I tried .bmp and jpg but none of the files can even be opened in Photoshop.
Windows image preview reads the files though…
Photoshop response:

  • couldn’t complete the request because of a program error - jpg
  • file format module cannot parse the file - .bmp
    Aftereffects responded: the file has a bad header

I had this issue in the past. You can use png files and just know that they include transparency so adjust accordingly.

One more thing. If I open the sequence in other programs, they work fine. For example, in the blender video editor I can create mp4s without a problem. Photoshop complains about the file headers…

I think the slider always saves pngs, regardless of file extension. Photoshop is one of the few image editors though which does not look further than the extension. Most other apps will actually examine the file itself which is why it works there.