Save window view of rhino's window in jpeg or png

Bonjour, comment peut-on enregistrer la fenetre rhino en mode rendu à partir de grasshopper ? Je voudrais capturer en jpeg ou png toutes les images lors de la prévisualisation de l’animation avec le cheminement d’animation.

Hello, how can we save the rhino window in rendered mode from grasshopper? I would like to capture as jpeg or png all frames when previewing the animation with animation path.

See the command RecordAnimation

2024-05-24 02_31_08-Untitled - Rhino 7 Commerciale

you can use the animate function of a slider.

Hi thanks for this option, but i don’t want t o use the record animation function as it’s not working for my project. Indeed i’m usind large pointclouds and they’re not rendered with this function. That’s why i asked how to save to a file the rhino window.
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Salut, je ne savais pas que l’on pouvait animer un slider sur GH avec l’enregistrement de la fenêtre Rhino. C’est exactement ce qu’il me faut vu que je dois capturer 2650 images. Par contre je ne sais pas comment le lier à la fonction “aperçu de l’image numéro” (image), cette fonction ne semble pas exister dans GH. Merci beaucoup pour ton aide.

Hi, I didn’t know that you could animate a slider on GH with Rhino window recording. This is exactly what I need since I have to capture 2650 images. On the other hand, I don’t know how to link it to the “preview of image number” (image) function, this function does not seem to exist in GH. Thank you very much for your help.

Better to stay in english on this forum.
I don’t really understand the question. What is that ?

As there are many many possibilities, it is better to give screen capture, script … more detailled information. For example it is possible to have a moving camera, on a moving scene …

In fact I would like to replace the recording of my path animation via the “save animation” command with copies of the Rhino window as they are recorded with the slider. The rendering quality of the “save animation” function is significantly worse than that of rendering in the Rhino window. I would like to capture the frames of my path animation from the Rhino windows display and not the frames generated by the “save animation” command.


I have no idea, I am more a Grasshopper Guy that a Rhino one!

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It shoulnd’t be.

Please check you have set up this option correctly:
2024-05-24 18_56_36-Set Animation

… you can even do a whole render for each frame…

Thanks but i choosed this option and the quality are different