Wrong Colours, Doubling Text on Prints

Below is a snapshot from a print.
Wrong Colour: The print colour of all the magenta elements is set to “by layer”
both for blocks and elements within them, and they are all on layers set to print in black.
Doubling Text: There is only one text object selectable for all those doubling text objects.PrintDoublingWrongColours

Hello - in the print dialog, make sure the ‘Output color’ is set to Print Color, and not Display color. Here, in the file you sent, if I set to Display color it all goes magenta.


Yes, It’s set to print color. It all prints fine with Va disabled. Another one for that team. I’ve alerted them to it. Thanks Pascal

Hi @djhg,

Which version of VisualARQ do you have installed?


2.2.2. It’s taken about 5 months to find work-arounds to all the bugs in that version. I consider a new version a considerable risk to attempt to use, especially since once a project is saved in a new version it can’t be open in the version I have already troubleshot.

However, I’d like to know if this bug is present in 2.3. I can’t test it.

Hi @djhg,

VisualARQ 2.2 have some known issues when printing viewports using vector output mode. Most of these issues has been solved in VisualARQ 2.3.

We cannot give support for VisualARQ 2.2, as this version is now obsolete as there is a newer version out. Moreover, it seems you’re using 2.2.2, while 2.2.3 was published several months ago.

Please, download and install VisualARQ 2.3. As any other software, it may contains bugs, but probably less than the previous versions. I fixed personally between 10 and 20 bugs that you specifically reported, mostly related to vector print, text and annotations.

I know you’re concerned because files saved in VisualARQ 2.3 cannot be opened with VisualARQ 2.2 or earlier versions. Starting from now, we’ve decided to not change the file-format anymore in any future 2.x update. I even sent you a custom 2.2.4 build, that was file-compatible with 2.2 and including many fixes for your issues, but I guess you never installed it.

If you decide to give a try to 2.3, please let us if this issue persist.


I have appreciated Va’s support, Enric.

But given the number and severity of the bugs encountered and their repercussions, I’m sure you can understand that it’s been difficult to decide whether to continue to dedicate more time to the use and trroubleshooting of new versions.