Wrong axis for Unity


I have been searching for the solution on the internet, but could not find out solution so far, so let me ask at here.

My puropose is to create a game like animation with Unity using Rhino made mesh objects.
When I try to rotate some objects in Unity, the axis is set at really strange point.
I tried to many possible formats such as fbx, obj, 3ds, Y-up, and options like Y-up, oly geometry, etc.
The results are almost same.
I even tried Rhino.inside Unity with the same models, but the axis was at still wrong place.

I really need to know how to fix that.

Thank you


If your objects aren’t generated with their centroids at world origin in Rhino then possibly rotating and transforming may look weird if Unity uses object center to do those transforms. So: Rhino model geometry is always in world coordinates.

If you have one object per 3dm file you can use Export With Origin and then snap to a point you added with say _VolumeCentroid. It gets a bit more tricky if you have multiple independent objects in the same file in which case you could export from Rhino, then import in Blender and set all object centers to their geometry. Re-export and then import into Rhino.

Does this help?

There is no universal right axis, unfortunately.

Thank you Nathan and eobet.

I understand to bring Rhino model to Unity is not simple easy way. I will use Blender from now on. 3D world is little complicated for me, but I have to keep trying.