Rhino Camera rotation info


I need to export a rhino model to Unity 3D. I’m doing this as a fbx file.Along with that I need to send some camera view information to Unity.(My client provide me with the fbx file and the camera info from Rhino). In Unity I can set the position x, y, z and rotation x, y, z values. The position x,y,z I get from Rhino seems ok. But the rotation info seems incorrect. When I set them in Unity the camera is looking at a totally different angel to which it should be looking at.

Can you please tell me from where my client can get the camera’s rotation info in order to be used in Unity. What is the property they should use?

Also in Unity rotations use quaternion coordinates. Would like to know about Rhino rotation.


Do I understand right, that you do not use Rhino yourself but get the info from your client, who uses Rhino?
If so, Rhino Cameras are described by their position(x,y,z), a target point(x,y,z) and a rotation angle around this view axis. I’d need to look up the math involved to get the quaternion from this info, but that should be pretty straight forward.

Thanks HaLo.
Yes That’s correct.
But they are also not sure what are the rotation info they need to export exactly. I think they gave me the target point x y z values as rotation info and I added them as rotation x y z values in Unity and that didn’t work. May be we need to do some conversion before using them in Unity. Also I didn’t get any rotation angle from them.
I might have to install Rhino and play with it and see.

Basically any default view in Rhino has a rotation angle of 0 degrees. You’d have to purposefully modify that. Only exception is the top and bottom views. Here the rotation angle is 90 degrees.

So it’s probably safe to assume 0 rotation for perspective views.