Wrinkles bump texture showing in Viewport...but Not Rendering

Hi All,

I may need to file this under Vray, but for some reason a wrinkle bump map I made in Photoshop is appearing in my Viewport if I have it set to “render” display mode, but when I actuall render it with Vray (or rhino) I’m not getting it in the render. Any thoughts? Images attached of viewport and render

(Also, while I’m at it, here: I’ve tried doing this with HeightField but not sure why it isn’t working…is the ong I use for the heightfield supposed to be a certain resolution?)

Hi Alan - my guess of the moment is this will need to be added explicitly to the Vray material and what you have there now is a basic Rhino material.


Thanks Pascal - it is indeed a Vray material. Turns out I simply needed to amp up the bump strength and all was well.

That said, I will be trying to work out why the Height field isnt working well for me…


And it seems (Maybe) that I was using png file for HeightField, while jpg seems to work better.