Wrapping the facade around a building

Hello there dear all.
im working on a hexagonal facade i made that can change its depth with a graph mapper. Im struggling to wrap it around a filleted cube as its in single plan. Anybody there to try their luck around also im gonna be doing kinetic pattern later on so i want it to act the way so that i can easily add those patterns between the hex cells later on. images attached

Hexagonal_parametric_facade (3).gh (473.1 KB)

Doc1.pdf (143.5 KB)

This question seems to be too broad, if you can provide a more specific problem we might be able to help this along.

The only problem is that the facade is acting in one direction is there any way that it wraps around this building all around*

Something along these lines?

Yeah something like that but i have referenced the brep in gh file. That has to be the wrapping target

It would be difficult to wrap a texture, much less geometry to that shape in meaningful manner.

Lets take a step back, what is this for? The level of detail required and how much time do you want to spend on it?

What you have is a good start for the flat areas, you just need to figure out the opening details & the corner transitions. To me this would best be done manually in Rhino, but this depends on what you are actually trying to accomplish.

See here: