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Heyy everybody Im still getting started with ghp, but I am encoutering an issue, I was trying to move the points of the edges of the hexagon cells I created on a surface, after that I wanted to create a loft between them, so I could create some sort of windows, like the one in the picture, but some other panels loft to the inside because of the different vectors each of them has, could somebody help me fix it so all my lofts can be created to the outside of the surface? I would really appreciate it:)

Loft (31.4 KB)

Welcome @copypaper43,

Since your panels have curved sides and the initial hexagonal cells are polylines, it is probably going to be challenging to match them to neighbouring, strict hexagonal cells.

Furthermore, at some places your building has small nooks and crannies, where the offset distance for the new panels leads to intersections with adjacent panels or the building facade itself. It would probably be best to reduce the offset distance or introduce a local offset distance, instead of a global one. The latter would give many different panels though, which in turn would be harder to produce.

Loft prob (36.9 KB)

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Thank you so much!! I just tried it and it worked wonders!

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