Wrapping a circle around a bottle

I have used 2 techniques to do this and both have distorted too much. Image uses pull curve but as you see the label is squished. I also tried project curve but it did keep the circle shape. I want to wrap the circle around the bottle to look like a label. Thanks for the time.

First create uv curves to map the target surface to the CPlane. Then place the circle inside this rectangle. Finally remap both the rectangle and the circle back to the target surface.

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Those tools look spot on. However I don’t follow you when you say “create UV curves”. Not sure what shape and where.

CreateUVCrv is a command - run it on the target surface, ignore the second prompt, prompt for curves. This will generate a UV rectangle in the world XY plane.


That worked, Thanks!

Another way to skin the cat is to use the Bend command to warp the circle closer to surface then use the pull command.