Rhino for make a print label for flexo

Hi, im a very new user on Rhino and i have a topic that i dont know if its possible in this program, i need make a label for print on system flexo, but the label its apply on a bottle with an irregular form, so i need make a distortion on the design because the material that will be impress on plastic pvc that fits or “shrink” in the design of the bottle whit warm air (thermo shrink), my question is: How apply this distortion? i see a tuttorial that helps but i dont know how make the curves for apply my design to any bottle. i add the link the tuttorial for explain better my question, i hope that any help me, cheers!.

in the minute 1:05 the guy that show the effect dont show how make that curves and i cant make the rffect because i dont know how make the paths, i try with another tutorials but i cant make this effect so i hope that somebody helps me, thanks!.

this is an image that i try to make the effect:

Can you post the model and the text you want to use? It would help us understand the problem.