Modeling a Bottle

I need to model this Spray Bottle. Not sure how to start it. Thanks.

Start with nice curves.
Outlines, main features.

HaHa reminds me of this:

Ok sorry to have a joke at your expense…

You could start with the ‘PictureFrame’ command, and start to trace your photo that way…

Yep, I took that course! Thanks.

I see the body bottle as a rectangle with the handle and the filler mouth grafted on. Though that chamfered square has at least a taper, if not draft angles as well. I think that you can get a lot of the bottle by lofting wireframes from the bottom up. You can create profile curves to help you get the transitions smooth. You even can form the finger grooves with a tall stack of wireframes, but you will need to draw some circular guides on the right.

The loft will likely not give you a crease as sharp as the label area needs. To make the it sharp enough, you may need to wire-cut the bottom off, move the lower surface nodes inward a bit, and connect it again using sweep 2 rails, which will have to be done over curves drawn between the areas you wire cut.


The knurled screw on thing, would be a revolve, with an polar array of objects. You can do it with an extrusion, but it might be harder to fillet. You can carefully fillet the result.


Moving up, you have another revolve to form the transition between the screw thing and the rest.


The mechanism has a revolved cylindrical thing for the piston, and the rest looks like just an extruded shape with support ribs. The outer rib can be done with an offset that’s extruded, or you can use a sweep to wrap the edge form the edge.

I see an extra nub to stop the lever in there that looks like rotated curve.


I would try making the lever by starting with the cylindrical part first, and sweeping or lofting the handle, the long way. The upper part has another small rotated profile and you can make a profile of the upper lever, extrude it, and hollow it out.

The Rhino community is usually pretty helpful. Perhaps some of the experts here will give you the benefit of their expertise…instead of some what I’ve read here.

How much detail or accuracy is required? Do you need to model the individual components that comprise the pump assembly, or just end up with a single, solid object? The work flows could be similar, but obviously much more fussing around if the latter.
You might reference the Level 1 Training. There are 2 bottle projects, a syrup bottle and a squeeze bottle. There are .3dm files for each, and instructions in the Level 1 Manual. These will give you a good leg-up on your project, in addition to the good suggestions from @Brenda .

Good luck!

Got it to work with the network surface tool. I haven’t used that guy in awhile. Needs to be eyeball accurate. Check it out.

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Nice result!
But, depending on the purpose of the model, you would have to model this in a more traditional way;
-The sides may need to be developable surfaces so a sticker can be put there.
-You may need to use determined radiuses at some edges
The way the original bottle was modeled twas with with several surfaces, trimmed, blended filleted together. A lot more work, but more control over everything and light and simple surfaces.

I would start with drawing the main outline with curves. Once the curves define the basic shape, join the curves into a single closed curve. Extrude the curve to a solid with the appropriate thickness dimension.