Tricky Modeling Question - Creating a wavy groove around a bottle

Hi All,
See attached photo for reference.

I’ve got a modeling question: How would I go about creating the wavy grooves on the bottle in the photo (the ones that run through the cow’s head, not the grooves around the cap of the bottle)?
They go completely around, and the wave pattern repeats exactly three times, so it’s a seamless groove all the way around.

I figure I can sweep an oval shape on a curve to create the object to boole the groove out of the main bottle, but I’m stumped on how to create the wavy curve itself, and then “project” it or get it to precisely follow the hourglass shape of the bottle.

If someone could please give me some ideas as to how to:

  • create the smooth, wavy curve that repeats 3 times while following the path of a circle
  • project it or get it to lay onto the surface of the bottle, so I can sweep a shape on it to boole out the groove
  • offer another technique that I haven’t thought of.

Thanks very much for any insight you can offer.

Have a look into the Flowalongsurface command.

I guess there are better ways, but here is mine…

-create a deformable circle with 6 controlpoints
-select every second controlpoint and move them down
-offset the surface
-Use pull curve to get the curve on the offset surface
-create a big enough pipe, that intersect the original surface
-bool it

you can use InterpcrvOnSrf and directly draw on the surface, for this you might need a few guide points or lines. better option might be to make a helix a bit further away from the surface, then offset it beyhond the surface and loft the 2 curves to get a surface which you can intersect with the bottle surface.

i recommend this because pull quickly ends up in a slightly bent curve and is not very accurate here. after that you can offset this curve again to get a bit further away to use pipe with round caps and using different dimensions might create a fancy look. after that make a slight fillet or blend on the edges around. if you use different radius for the pipe this might be a bit of a manual fiddle.

you can also use extractisocurve to extract a few circles from the bottle instead of a helix and play with deforming it. the rest i would recommend as above.

you can of course also use any kind of profile instead of pipe and use orient and sweep.

I projectet curves on the bottle, rebuid the curves with 8 points and edit those points. Then a sweep1rail with an oval. After substracting the pipes from the mainshape Ive done a fillet

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Hi All,
Thanks so much for all your ideas and help. I’m going to try some of your techniques now and see which works the best for me.

Very kind of you all to offer your suggestions and actually try them out to see if they worked.