World construction planes override?


Everytime I hit “Top” or “Front”, the CPlane is reset to default. Is there a way to override construction planes tied to those world top/front/left/right/back/bottom?


You’re describing what those tools are supposed to do.

What problem are you trying to solve?
What do you want to happen?

Hello- in Options > View page, there is a setting for ‘Named views set CPlane’ Is that what you need?


Hello thanks for reply.

For example- I have a project-coordinate 1.5degrees rotated from world-XY.
I have several Cplanes (let’s say UDC) setup. If correct Cplanes are selected, that’s fine.
But when I hit “Top”, the Cplane is set to world-XY. becasue the angle difference is only 1.5degrees, sometimes I didn’t notice I’m working on the world-XY.
Is there a way to tie my UDC to “Top” view?


Hello - yes, you can set up a new macro to set your custom plane

top = `-_NamedCPlane _Restore UDC _Enter _Plan’


oh this is one level deeper level that I’ve never explorered. Thanks!