Worksessions and ModelBasepoint?

I think it might be helpful if you were given the option when attaching worksessions to pay attention to ModelBasepoint as a way of aligning files that get drawn in a “to hell with the rest of the team, my bit goes HERE!” fashion. This can keep the offending file working (layouts and details in the offending file can stay the way they are), yet it would drop in properly with the rest of the drawings. Set the ModelBasepoint in the bad file, and that ModelBasepoint will align to w0 in the *.rws.


Hi Sam, got that, thanks.


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I second this request. We work with large pointcloud datasets and it would be nice if we could attach it square to a feature or view, just as an example. So the ModelBasePoint would have to include Rotational information, not just XYZ coordinates.

Hi Brian - would it make more sense in this case to simply insert it as a linked block? Then you can put it anywhere. Or even insert it where you like and then attach the parent file. It seems ModelBasePoint is the wrong tool for what you are describing… ?


Hi @pascal , I would bump this up.
Use case:
-we have a huge terrain model received from the municipality. The model itself is located in some coordinates based on the city’s coordinate system. In order to make this model usable, we have to mode it closer to Origo and keep a note of the movement (Model moved from {xxxxxxxx,yyyyyyyy,zzzzzzz}.

  • It would be a walk in the park, if we could just set the model base point and Worksession would respect that. Or to have that option that Worksession could respect ModelBasePoint.

The reason to use worksessions over linked blocks is the speed. Huge models open and operate fairly fast in Worksessions, compared to linked blocks.

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Toni I use the following workaround:

  1. Create a named CPlane with Grasshopper from project coordinate point
  2. Import geometry
  3. Use RemapCPlane to move global geometry near origo
  4. Make a macro out of import+remapcplane and an alias of it to activate it quick
  5. Make a similar macro for exporting
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I’ve just recently “learned” to use linked + Referenced blocks. They work quite similarly as the worksession files, with the notable difference that I can place them freely. Fairly low speed impact compared to active blocks and especially with reference DWG’s these are really good.

Explosion provides me the geometry - although cannot pick a single geometry from the block.

this would solve a lot of issues !
UP !