Work Session Origin Point

I don’t see why I am not able to change the origin for a work session-ed file? Basically my consultant has a CAD file and I have my Rhino file each file has a different origin and neither of us wants to move our files. There should be a way! It’s just funny! Every time I have to copy and move the file and locate it manually Any suggestion?

Perhaps the ModelBasePoint command would be useful.

From the Help file:

  • By default the base point in any model is 0,0,0.
  • The ModelBasepoint command lets you set that point. The set base point has no effect in the current file, it is only a handle when inserting it into another Rhino model or when exporting.

Thanks John! Great tip! But I am talking about importing another file with dwg format! How do I set up an origin point for an incoming model through work session?

I don’t know for sure that it is possible but it’s certainly worth investigating.

In AutoCAD itself, the equivalent command for ModelBasePoint is Basepoint.
A lot of AutoCAD users aren’t familiar with the command.

I don’t know if the Rhino Worksession manager reads a non-default, user set Basepoint or not, but I suspect it does.

This means the AutoCAD user would have to set the basepoint before sending it to you, or you would need to open the DWG and set it yourself.

I tried doesn’t work! Even if it does it wouldn’t help. Because it’s even harder than moving the geometries and it also creates more problems for instance since the origin point in original file has changed the CAD file doesn’t work with Xref.s anymore! This is one of the reasons I didn’t want to move geometries at the first place! Rhino needs some serious improvements in work session and collaboration with other software!

I see that. I just tried it too.
I’ll see if I can get it on the bug list.


Hi @ali,

You can try inserting your DWG file as a Block - use _Insert command, navigate to your file and make sure it is Linked (not Embedded). You can change the origin and continue updating the DWG, just reload/update the block definition from BlockManager, when needed.
EDIT: You probably want your Layer Style as Reference (not Active) - 2nd block insert dialog.



Jarek! Thanks yeah it seems that’s the only way at this point!

Ali, honestly for me I see very few advantages of using worksessions vs. linked blocks. I think you can do just fine with blocks and actually have some more flexibility working that way. Glad it helped.