Worksession Update

Is there a way to update attached worksession files without opening the worksession manager? I have a few big files attached and it can take some time to load.

Hi Matt- I am not sure I understand the question -do you mean selectively update some but not all of the attached files? You can select the file to reload in the Worksession dialog and update that one only- is that what you mean? The non-dialog version of Worksession (-Worksession) seems to only refresh all attached files, there is no way to select only some. I’m pretty sure I am not getting at what you need…


That’s it, the non-dialog version. It was taking awhile to open the worksession dialog and I was looking for a way to refresh files without opening the dialog. I didn’t know that was there. It does seem to only refresh the ones that have been changed, not all. Although it doesnt seem to be much faster.


Right, sorry, that is what I meant - but there is no way to get at a particular file or files among the out-of date ones, which you can do in the dialog. I don’t think it would be much faster… but are you saying there is a lot of time taken to just open the dialog in a worksession with large files?


I guess slow is relative. It can take up to 10 seconds to load the dialog box. Not terribly long, but was wondering if there was a way to speed it up.

Hi All,
this is more related discussion for my question. Is that possible to implement a tab in the docked windows with the worksession manager? Please see the attached image: