Attached Worksession CAD files not updating/refreshing

Hi all,

I am working on a project by attaching a few CAD (dwg, dxf) files in rhino worksession. I have noticed a strange behavior when it comes to updating / refreshing attached dwg/dxf worksession files.

If I make a change in the dwg and save it, the rhino ws is able to detect the first file update and is able to show the ‘update model’ option active. However, any subsequent updates to the dwg files are not detected by rhino ws. I have tried it with several simple dwg and dxf files and it doesn’t work.

I also tried to save the rhino file and save the worksession. Then closed everything and re-opened the rhino file and the saved worksession, it will capture the updates in this case because I guess it is reloading the CAD files. However, unlike the previous case where first update is captured, this time no further updates to the dwg file are detected. So I guess the problem is somehow linked to the attached file history.

I then attached multiple dwg files and made changes in original files. Interestingly rhino ws captures the first update for each file but not the subsequent ones.

Update model function works flawlessly with attached .3dm files infinite number of times (which many people use already).

Not sure if its something I am doing wrong or others are able to replicate this issue as well. At the moment my only solution is to detach and reattach the files, which is quite troublesome. Could there be a potential bug in R7? I would be surprised if no one has used dwg files in worksessions and tried to update them.

Hi Saket - this sounds like a bug, I’ll test it, thanks for the report.
@saket - this seems to work here in my simple test but the process is very awkward - the dwg must be re-read, so there are command line options to set for the DWG import, but the the Worksession dialog blocks access to the the command line, so nothing can happen until you exit the Worksession dialog. Could that be what you are seeing?


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Hi @pascal, thanks for looking into it. I have recorded my screen and sent you a DM.