Worksession Referenced File Update Notice

My office is overhauling our file organization system using Worksessions and I am in charge of designing the way our new system will work. One of the problems we are having is that changes to certain part files are only disseminated by word of mouth, and everyone must then go find the new part and import it into whatever files already contain that part. Using worksessions obviously solves this problem, but it doesn’t solve the problem of changes being communicated. The changes are automatically made in everyone’s Worksession, and if they open their Worksession after the change has been made, there’s no indication that anything is different.

What I’m looking for is a way to make Rhino tell you when you open a Worksession if one or more of the referenced files has been changed/updated. I’m open to using Rhinoscript, creating macros, or even coding something small if anyone knows a way to do this.

Maybe something as simple as incorporating a colour change on the parts that are newer/have been modified after a certain date.

Hi Vanbadri - nothing comes to mind off hand - not that it is not possible to add some tool for this via script, but right off hand I don’t see how I’d do it. I suppose you could make something that checks all the attached file sizes and dates as the worksession is closed, stores them in the active file as user data or even as a separate text file, and then compares the same files when a worksession is opened ( or on demand for both parts of the process). That could work.


Thanks all,

I was in the middle of scripting your suggestion, Pascal, when I ran into this problem:

Otherwise, I think that would have worked!


Hi Adrian - so it is not the script part but the worksession implementation itself that is the stopper, is that correct?



That’s correct, the issue of creating a file update notice is easily fixed by utilizing script, but the absence of any ability to control referenced file layer states (specifically on/off) in a detail view when using worksessions has totally torpedoed our re-organization efforts.