Worksession - All attached files reload when active file is changed

When the active file is changed in Worksession all attached files reload. This takes time and is annoying when some of the attached files contain large meshes or complex models.

This may be the intended behavior but it is not the desirable behavior. No files should need to reload when the active file is changed.

Hi David - as far as I know there is no way around this.


@pascal - I assume that you mean “there is no way around this” without a significant modification to Worksession and perhaps corresponding modifications elsewhere in Rhino, and such a modification is not a priority for McNeel.

Hi David - yeah, at best, I would say. But there is an open item to speed things up - I take the speed is the issue, and not how it’s done… (item is not public in this case but I gave it a bump)


Speed is the issue. I wonder if the process can be made faster on systems with plenty of memory. Not that long ago 8 MB was a lot of memory. Today 32 MB is common and 128 MB in a PC is not unheard of.