Worksessions need work


In trying to load a worksession with around 50 files - granted there are a lot of objects total, probably around 1000 per file - half the time worksession manager hangs halfway through.

If I drag and drop the .rws into Rhino and there is a missing pictureframe image in one of the files, I get the warning below and have to click “continue”… The main problem here is dialog comes up again for every single one of the succeeding files, have to hit Esc after every file (Enter doesn’t work either). Using the dialog or the dash version of the command seems to avoid this part at least, but it shouldn’t be happening anyway.

If it does complete the loading of the file, it still needs sometimes several minutes thinking time afterwards before it decides everything is OK and releases the command prompt.

The manager is molasses slow to open with the 50 files attached; perhaps a minute or so… I can’t update a saved attached file if it is still open, I have to close it first. Hitting the “Update” button or "Refresh in the command line version causes an instant crash…

So, not particularly usable at this point… :unamused: