Worksession / Layout Print settings

I have a problem with worksessions.
I have multible layouts in a layout master file. In each Detail view I would like to turn on only some Layers of the reference files. This can be archieved without no problem.

But as soon something is changed in one of the referenced files the Layout visibility of the files that I have set befor is lost. Any Ideas how to fix that?



Hi Richard - save a worksession (rws) file that has the layer state you like and restore that. I’m not sure right off hand that keeps per detail visibility, I’ll have to make a test but that is what I’d try.

Hm, nope, that is not working yet.

It may work to save a layer state in LayerStateManager as well.

Looks like that is not it either. Sorry, I’ve struck out. The underlying problem is that the attached models’ layer tables cannot be modified, is my guess.


Can I file this as a feature request please, have to admit this is a bit embarising for Rhino as this seams to be a standard feature since AutoCad 14…

Or is there any other way to archive the same thing?

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Wait wait… does the reverse apply too?? Anyway, yes, thanks, that is on the pile at least once


Good point, nothing to say against that…

I guess if live is create and you have one pain this always hurts more than if evrything in your live is painful…

Greetings, I’ve recently run into the same problem! Is there a workaround to this?

Hi -

As far as I know, there is no workaround for this, no.