Layout / Detail visibility with worksession and wishes


Is there a way to memorize the layout / details visibility set on layers that belongs to a worksession file? For now, it seems that if I change their visibility it works while the session is opened, but if save everything including the worksession file, then close rhino, then open the .rws file. All the settings done in the layout (ex : detail on / off) are set back corresponding to the main layer visibility.

Btw, why can’t we set the visibility on the parent item of an attached file inside the layout or detail viewport (like in the default viewport)? If I don’t want to see one attached file in a specific layout I need to select all layers within the attached file and turn off their visibility instead of just clicking the parent item.

Also, could it be possible to make each layer visibility controls independent? Actually, if I turn off the layer visibility, all the objects with that layer will disappear from all layouts. Maybe the addition of a new visibility control like “model space layer on/off” that only affects the visibility of the default view tabs (perspective, top, etc.) could be a great addition. This would leave the layer visibility acts as a main control for layout, detail and model space.

Finally, I would be wonderful to be able to create new layers where their visibility are automatically set off within the existing layout(s). This will allow users to create layers and draw something inside without remembering to go inside each details of each layout to turn that layer off. That’s actually often a pain when I only want to see one new specific layer in one layout among many other layouts.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,