Layer states in Worksession

I’ve got several files attached in my worksession file. I placed the drawings on the layout and changed visibility and print colors of some attached layers in the detail view.
When I save the Worksession and all attached files and close them, Rhino doesn’t remember the changed Worksession layers when I reopen the program.

Is it supposed to work this way? Layer states and settings of worksessioned files are not saved?



According to the Help file the layer states are saved in the local RWS file and set when the file is opened.

I’ll do some poking around.

It’s working as expected for me so for. I’ve just messes around with layers on/off in the attached WS file.

Thank you John. The main on/off switch is indeed saved in the rws file.But the Detail on/off switch and print color settings doesn’t seem to be.

In the attempt of overcoming this issue I’ve been trying to write a script to save referenced file detail-specific later state. However I don’t see any reference to it in rhinocommon. Is it accessible?

Not being able to save detail-specific layer properties in rws file is an issue in handling large projects. Will it be added in future releases?

I ran into the same problem:

Mainfile.3dm (clippingplanes, layouts, details, dimensions, text)
Model1.3dm (attached)
Model2.3dm (attached)

In al the details located on the layouts I set specific layers on/off from the attached models.

Save and close all files, open the worksession and all the layers are back on!

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. I think there’s a bug in how Rhino handles this in worksessions. There are a couple bugs reports on the developer’s list.

That said, I’m not convinced you are using the right tools.
Worksessions are ONLY good when multiple people are working concurrently on projects so large that all the data can not be stored in a single 3DM file. They are very good at that and that’s it.

The Block feature (linked/embedded/linked & embedded), have the more robust development for handling the working environment I think you’re working in. The vast majority of Rhino users would be far better served to be using Blocks and instances instead of Worksessions.

Thanks for the quick respons. We are a design and engineering company for the megayacht industry, so we have quite large models as we model the complete detail engineering in rhino as well.

We would like to try to get the complete output for the drawings in rhino as well, instead of exporting it to other drafting software in order to keep an easy link or even keep the drawings “live”.

For now the linked/active block feature works ok, but it makes it harder to collaborate between the different disciplines (interior, construction, mechnical).

Thanks anyway!

Thanks for the additional details. It sounds like you’re using Worksessions as they were intended to be. Hopefully the fixes for these bugs will get these problems sorted.


I am having the same issues with my worksessions. In the layouts I have certain layers hidden in detail but once the rws. file is saved, closed and reopened the layer are back on in the detail views. The weird thing is that is doesn’t seem to happen in all of the layouts. That’s the confusing part.

Did McNeel release any fix or script of something that has ironed out these issues?



I don’t follow Worksession development closely enough to remember.
Have you tried this in the V6 WIP?
Is the problem the same in the WIP?

I overheard one of the developers going over Worksession details yesterday with another tech.

I have not tried a worksession in the V6 WIP as I have not installed it as it hasn’t been approved by tech / owner here to be installed and used yet. I was hoping there was a fix for V5 available.

SR13 will be the last service release for V5.
If I remember correctly, I don’t think layer states were ever designed into the workflow for Worksessions. That may have changed.

Can you make me a small example and instructions to follow to see the problem in V5?
With those specifics I can try it in the WIP and get a bug added if I can repeat it.

Create two files with simple primitive shapes and save them independently. Make a worksession of one of them and attach the other file in the worksession.

Save Worksession and .3dm file.

Create Layout with 4 views or something to that degree. Activate each view port and in layers tab turn the “attached” file layers off as shown in the image.

Save Worksession and .3dm file and close the worksession file.

Reopen the worksession file and bingo the attached file is back “on” in each detail even though it was previously turned off in the layers tab with the “Detail On / Off” function.



Just to add to Dan’s post, not only model visibility associated with viewports in not saved, but also other parameters such as print colour, line width etc.

Yes, that’s correct. I’m fitting with it constantly.

Morning John,

Any luck in replicating or hearing of a work around / fix?



One of the other techs that is more familiar with this tool and work-flow will be replying when she gets out of the classroom. She’s teaching a class currently.

A couple days ago, I overheard her and a developer going over the details of the design and expectations. I believe there have been some changes for V6.

Thanks John

Hi Dan,
Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for all the details you posted here.

Worksessions or RWS files do not save layer visibility per detail.
However, both Rhino 5 & 6 will save per detail layer visibility of the active file only.
This is the same information that any Rhino files would normally save, even if Worksessions are not in use.

If you turn off a layer per detail, that is part of the active file, or hide objects in the detail that are part of the active file, and save the file, this will be saved or restored upon reopen.

If you turn off a layer per detail, that is part of a non-active file, or hide objects in the detail that are part of the non-active file, this will not be saved or restored upon reopen. Hope this helps clarify and illustrates the difference.

To be fair, this is confusing because Rhino does hide the layer and objects in the non-active file “temporarily.” It just does not remember it. If saving the visibility of non-active does not fit the logic of the worksession RWS file, then Rhino should not temporarily hide them either, in my opinion. So, I really believe that is the bug. And the first item here is a wish or feature request.

The Help file does say that LayerStates of the worksession file are saved. This is true, but only of the visibility state of the parent layer, not the nested layers. So if you have a LayerState with the LayerState manager, you can restore the layer state from the LayerState manger, and the visibility of the parent layer will be restored. Again to qualify this, no changes to the settings on the nested or child layers are stored or restored in the LayerState.

Thanks for the bugs and wishes, getting them posted now.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training

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