Detail layer visibility - reset issue


I have a file with some layouts set up from which I print drawings, into this file i have a few rhino files linked.

I have turned off the ‘detail layer visibility’ for certain layers in some of details. When I save and re-open the file I find that the layers that I turned the ‘detail layer visibility’ off for are now on. I find this to be problematic as I dont want to have to adjust the settings each time I want to print the layouts in question, is this is a known bug? I appreciate that a possible work around is to use the layer state manager to save the settings, but this seems a little less than ideal.

thanks in advance

Hi lougad- as far as I know this is a limitation currently in how this stuff works ( as distinct from a bug… =) ). I am not sure if it is something that can be added in V5. I believe it is on the bug/wish pile, though I cannot find it at the moent- and if it is not, I’ll add it.



@pascal Hopefully it there, as it was something I brought up in the NG a while back. Also thanks for the update, as yesterday I actually ran a test to see if had been fixed, which it obviously hasn’t.

thats interesting to hear. I had expected that that may be the case. I guess this answer applies to the similar issue of referenced files having their visibility reset to ‘on’ when the file is openned irrespective of the setting prior to closing - which does seem a little strange. although i’m sure it cant be that hard to make a script that runs at start up and that loads a layer state.

very disappointing that this is still an issue in Rhino…