Worksession changes texture mapping


I discovered this new little bug in worksessions.

When I attach a file if that file contains roughly the same object as the active file, the attached file’s object changes it’s texture mapping to match the object in the active file even though it’s not the same object. I think it’s related to the other ws bug 666.

Version 7 SR14 (7.14.22010.17001, 2022-01-10)

Hi Roland -

I’ve added that comment to RH-66666

Thanks Wim,

Hi McNeel, @bobmcneel
This and other texturing problems I’m having are really wreaking havoc and are beyond my ability to cope with since it’s constantly occurring. I can no longer use work sessions, I can no longer use blocks, I can no longer import a file without the textures or mapping going haywire.

If I use blocks the texture mapping gets lost on nested blocks
If I import a file Rhino without asking swaps out materials in the imported file for materials that already exist with the same name.
If I use a worksession all my materials and mapping, get messed up.
I’ve been waiting for a fix for this showstopper. Please fix this mess I’m a long time Rhino user but this is the worst it’s ever been in my long years of using it.

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