Layer in Worksession Problem

I got file A and attach files B and C.

Here’s the problem.
When I change the object into a different layer in file B,
The worksession update doesn’t update for the layers.
But it will update when I just add or delete geometry.

Even I make a copy of file B and have it attach again, the result is the same,

I have no idea how to make it work. Is it a bug?

In Worksession you can only change the current active file. Only one file can be the current active at a ime. Other attached files cannot be changed.

What do you mean by “worksession update”?

To change B make B the current active file, change it. Save or SaveAs if you wish to save the changes. Make A the active file to make changes to A.

I mean open fileB and change the object inside to a different layer. Then update fileB in worksession interface.

But the object’s layer is still not updated

Is file B the current active file when you change the object to a different layer?

I don’t see “Update” in the Worksession interface.
If file B is the current active file then you can Save or SaveAs file B.

“Save Worksession changes” does not save geometry, changes to which layers objects are on, etc… It only saves which files are attached, which file is the current active file, what layers are open, etc. This information is stored in a.rws file, not .3dm files.

To save geometry, changes to which layers objects are on, etc yuo need to use Save or SaveAs.