Materials don't update in worksession


I have an issue where while working in worksesions materials dont get updated, for example i have a central files with attached geometries ( local files ) all with materials. The first time i attach all the files i see the materials in the library and everything looks as it should be, now if i want to re-edit the material of the object in the local file, i dont see the material being updated in the central file. The central file still shows the material there was the first time it was attached. how to solve this ?


Hello- do the materials in each file share the same names?


yes they do

It might have to do with how you have set up material conflicts. can you try _ResetMessageBoxes to see if you get a dialog if you update the worksession files?

Hi @pascal , I have the same problem. Updating materials in a linked file don’t show up in the central file even if I haven’t got duplicate material names.

As i figure out from other posts in the forum linked materials don’t get discarged automatically from the central file once I detach the links unless purging materials and textures. Purging and reloading model allows the get all the updates Materials wise. Is there any news about this process or am I missing something?

Last but not least, Vray Mat have a strange behaviour during a worksession. Sometimes they display correctly sometimes not in rendered mode. However they do get rendered correctly. Have you got an explanation for it?

WS test_main file.3dm (7.2 MB)
WS test_linked 02.3dm (7.7 MB)

Attached you find the two simple test files
Rhino Version 7.28


Hi Angelo - so the process is:

  1. Open a file and using worksessions, attach another file.
  2. Serparately, open the second attached file and make some change to a material - change red to blue, and save the file.
  3. In the worksession that is open, use Worksession and see that there is an update available, and click on Update.
  • the material is not updated.

  • change the active file and the material updates.

  • close and re-open and the mateial updates.

I can repeat this -does that describe the problem you are seeing?

RH-74195 Worksession material updates


I confirm those steps & behavior here, and add that it is the same whether using rhino or bella materials, which makes sense, as bella materials only use RenderContent.Fields/SetChild to store their data, leaving it up to rhino to decide how to read/write/manage them