Worksession lose materials still

Worksessions are still losing or completely screwing up texturing. This has been going on for at least a year or longer. How can McNeel not fix these problems with worksessions and blocks?
I’ve just about given up hope on McNeel ever fixing this along with block texturing problems I reported over a year ago.

Hello - do the objects’ materials have the same names as others in the set of files?


Hi @pascal ,

No that brick texture is not in the active file. But it is shared by the copies in that attached file.

It seems there are some gnarly bugs in the display pipe line. I think this is related to the ocs mapping bug in rendered view in some broader way. I was forced to give up on your kind advice as ocs mapping from Rhino went crazy in twinmotion. I unwrapped the buttress instead. Those white buttresses are polar copies with history enabled.

No matter which display mode I am in that shows textures be it the standard rendered mode or any of my custom modes this happens. I noticed that turning on the camera and off or moving the camera zooming in and out causes this too. I noticed strange display bugs cropping up. Like shading not drawing and the objects looking entirely flat. These display and texture problems have been ongoing issues with worksessions for at least a year. I sent in files and you have my docs from that time but nothing got fixed. Also blocks have similar problems with textures getting un-mapped and or disappearing this has also never been addressed.

Perhaps my video card is just getting too old for Rhinos coding? But it still works well in much heavier display files in other programs like twinmotion, unreal or blender.

Finally nothing got done on worksessions a powerful would be feature that should have a better interface more options and be less error prone. I really was hoping by V7 it would mature but it remains like it was in V5 only with more bugs.

Thanks for your help and attention.

Hi Roland, can you send me a file that I can run a test on to see if I can replicate this?

Hi @Gijs

[Box mapping with wcs/ocs mapping seriously flawed - Rendering - McNeel Forum]
The above thread has the model.

Set it up in one file with a polar array and attach that to a worksession file. Incidentally I can’t use box mapping of ocs mapping as it won’t translate into Twinmotion. I had to unwrap the buttress anyway to get it to work in twin properly. But the above file should still show the work session error even though the mapping is different.

I fail to see any problems with that file. What I did is:

  • Opened that linked file
  • Opened a new Rhino session and attached it through Worksession
  • Modified the original by moving the parent and saved
  • Updated the Worksession

Material and texture mapping remained the same as in the original file.

maybe I don’t get this part right as the file already has a polar array set up.

Hi @Gijs
You then have to go into “rendered mode” and rotate the view. For me the texture mapping gets lost on the buttresses. Here is a screen shot I just took after I opened my worksession file.

Thanks for your help,

I still cannot see any issues when I do that, so I might need a more complete example.

Hi @Gijs
Thanks for your help I’m currently very busy and I would have to send you the files if you want. I’ll just live with yet another of the many bugs in Rhino’s bed.

If possible, yes please send a file, thanks