Working with scale models

Hello all,
I have written a python script to help when working with scale models, specifically it helps when switching regularly between full-scale and model scale. You can download it here :
I would be grateful for any comments, feedback, feature requests (but I make no promises :slight_smile: ) or any examples of similar (better ?!?) scripts.


  • Remembers the model scale, e.g. 1:200
  • Permits easy switching between full and model scale without having to select (and unhide, …) objects
  • Permits changes to model scale ratio

Known issues

  • Can enter the wrong state on undo (e.g. thinks it is still in model scale)


Follow the instructions here


If you find this useful and want to help, please comment here or on the Github repo. In particular I will accept pull requests adding the undo facility, rescaling units or improving the gui. I would also like to know whether it works in v6 and on mac ?

I fixed the undo issue thanks to @clement

Wanna see the code?