OBJ export scale request!

I find myself exporting models to OBJ a lot. This is handy for referencing models in Blender or importing into TiltBrush for quick VR mockups.

OBJ units equate to meters, so I would love an option in the OBJ exporter to scale the model appropriately. My workaround is to copy the model into a new document with the correct dimensions (cause scaling the active document takes forever).

Hi Serengeti,

have you tried opening a blank rhino in meters prior to importing the OBJ?

Hi Dan - am I correct that you’re saying the same geometry moved to another file scales more easily than in the current file? You should be able to macro a scale, export and undo all within the current file:

! Select Pause Scale W0 .1 Export Pause Undo


Never tried macros yet so I’ll have to give that one a shot.

I am commonly working with large installations that have numerous repeated objects and curves. When I change the document units I have to watch rhino scale each element individually. If I paste into a new file with different dimensions, the scale is changed instantly.

Hi Dan - you might look into using Blocks.



Hi Dan,
You could try my scaling script - it remembers the scale you want to switch to and disables screen redrawing which may speed things up with your models…?