Scaling Issue


I’m having issues scaling an architectural model in rhino 5.0 and in Rhino WIP. I have a large truss that I’m scaling down by a factor of 0.00238, 1"=35’, and when trying it with either the truss as a NURBS polysurface or as a mesh the result becomes incredibly choppy, nothing scales properly, and i end up with Bad objects or meshes.

Is there a proper method for scaling such a large object down to such a small one?



Why are you scaling it? To build a model? To print a drawing?

yes to build a model, 3d print it

Go to DocumentProperties > Units
What are the Model units?
What is the Absolute tolerance?

Can you use millimeters rather than inches with your 3d printer?

feelin so dumb right now, angle and unit tolerances were all messed up (smacks head)
fixed, works, (hides face in shame)